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You: A Novel




Early Praise:


What did we do without her? How did we expect to navigate without such a mentor, a guide, an I-Understand soul who said what we couldn't, felt what we wouldn't, and created a context for going it alone with spirit to a place we couldn't find?


With gifted passion and grit, McCord says yes to where we've all been, yes to the reasons, whys and hows to get "beyond", and yes to make sure we get to the "elsewhere" aka destiny. Shining all the while so that we may, too, Katherine McCord's message says to every individual: Be.


 Her words summon and become the courage to express truth. An invaluable inspiration, You offers what the collective is asking for: Truth as a model and inspiration as its mobilizing dynamic. McCord demonstrates, “This is what it takes to get there: Resolve to manifest truth as the inner gift it is. Honor its essence and fulfill its purpose. Regardless.”


As all minds travel and all souls search these days, McCord gives us permission to think in our own way and trust that our own way is somehow established even when we think we missed a turn or two. By acclaiming the observing voice within us and summoning the urgent voice we muffle, McCord brightens the possibilities that the world will be better if we all become better observers and practitioners of the soulful wisdom she weaves.


For those who seek depth as an add-on in their role as leaders, this is a must-read, a must-know, because it speaks to humans and from the human experience... of which there is nothing more important or needed in these tremulous times.




     —Dianne Lancaster, Visionary Author and Teacher



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